L.A. Raeven

Single-channel video (20 min), lounge chair included screen, player and headphone 194 × 185 × 76 cm  inv. 5976 Collectie Rijksmuseum Twenthe.

Location: Amsterdam - 2010


Liesbeth and Angelique lived for years in a symbiosis with each other, as twins they form each other's mirror image. they did everything together and in the same way: live, eat, live and work. But in the symbiose lurks a potential conflict. The symbiose conflicts with the desire to be one's own person. because it is precisely in the difference with the other that your own identity arises.

For Liesbeth and Angelique, the conflict came to the surface in 2010, when l wanted to live alone because of her wish to have children and stepped out of their symbiosis. shortly afterwards their video at least living 1 was also created. it is a hypnotic film in which a compelling voice leads the viewer to a symbiotic state that is tensionless and thoughtless. a state in which you are less individual, less responsible, less critical. but also less alone. In fact, the work is about taking responsibility and growing up.

Just like Mindless living 2, which was created a few years later after Liesbeth had become a mother. mindless living 2 is a meditation cradle for her baby, so that he can experience again the sense of unity and wholeness that he had in the womb. It's about not wanting to grow up and wanting to go back to the beginning, to the symbiosis of mother and child. A new symbiosis, which in L.A.Raeven has replaced the symbiosis of twin sisters.

This installation is made possible by the Mondriaan Fonds