L.A. Raeven

Location: Marres Centre for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht - September 2000.


Eight models where invited to take part of this project. They were told nothing about it beforehand. On arrival, they were asked to strip down to their underwear and wait in a room from which they were not allowed to leave. Each received a file number, which was written on her left upper arm. The girls were observed and the behavior of each recorded in a file. In the beginning, they were allowed to withdraw from the project. Only one person chose to do so. Those who remained were not permitted to leave the room. They were free to do whatever they liked and could help themselves to drinks (water, fruit juice, wine). People could observe them from outside, but no one was allowed to enter the room. The dialogue is not always easy to follow, partly because some girls tended to whisper or spoke in a dialect. The girls were filmed from different angles by three cameras running simultaneously.

This installation is made possible by the Mondriaan Fonds