L.A. Raeven | Dutch performance artists

L.A. Raeven

Dutch artists Liesbeth and Angelique Raeven (*1971), alias L.A.Raeven, do not go with the flow. They refuse to consume food thoughtlessly, they refuse to accept womanhood and the feminine roles society assigns to them, and they also refuse to be labeled as anorexic.

Both are fascinated by the image of the body as promoted by the worlds of fashion and advertising, and they subvert this image in their works. Producing videos and performances under the name L.A. Raeven, these identical twins walk a dangerous tightrope hotly debated in the world of art.

They Always perform as a duo, celebrating their symbiotic relationship and playing with the notion of “evil twins”. Their performances can be painful, and yet they have to be accepted as valid forms of artistic expression.