L.A. Raeven

Location: Ankeveen lake district near Nederhorst den Berg - September 2004


“…you must realize that, from what we both have seen, John and Jilly are both very much in love with each other. People call it incest when brother and sisters treat each other as lovers, but from what I’ve seen, and not only in their case, it is dangerous for anyone, whether parent or relation or outsider, to speak of this, because the devision between the feeling of lovers and the feeling of brother and sister, especially in a case like this when they are twins, is a thing so delicate and subtle, and a thing so Cris-crossed with emotional complications that it requires extremely cautious and careful handling.”

—John Cowper Powys, All or Nothing (London, 1960), p. 200

Love Knows Many Faces is an ongoing, infinite vicious cycle of love and hate between twins. In this case, it is not lesbian love but a love that goes much deeper, with all the gloomy sides that go with it….

This installation is made possible by the Mondriaan Fonds