L.A. Raeven

Location: Hilton Hotel - 2004 - double videoprojection


Sibling Rivalry (2004), makes emptiness and boredom conjugated with personal lack of satisfaction the central object of reflection.

At the center of this work are two pretty twins in a hotel suite who ponder their relationship in mutual silence. This work is based on three sources. In addition to the biographies of the twins, who were confronted from an early age by the question of the construction of individual identities. Hell, a novel by Lolita Pille which deals with the frustrations of wealthy children in Paris, served as a starting point for this work. Physically, the two sisters in the film are strongly reminiscent of the Hilton heiresses, Paris and Nicki Hilton.

The synchronized double projection shows the sisters sitting and drinking wine, giving an impression of boredom, while the soundtrack plays excerpts from the novel as well as texts by L.A. Raeven. The viewer becomes the observer of a quarrel between sisters in which one clearly represents the alpha animal and the other the beta. The title of the video Sibling Rivalry is borrowed from child psychology: it refers to the Rebecca syndrome, the rivalry between twins which oscillates between admiration and hatred.

This installation is made possible by the Mondriaan Fonds